Who we are

A space for passionate people to express themselves. This is a space for those looking to build something they can be proud of.
A place for events Weddings are amazing and imaging the space as it was and where it is brings great pride
Watching the growth is like watching a child grow every step brings great joy and lots of work but work of love…
Family is a big part of our community. Kids are encouraged to grow and interact with the community.

Why we do it

Tyler station is already a destination spot our foot traffic is growing exponentially. We just added a bakery and the draw has been impressive.

A brewery recently opened and their opening weekend attendance was over 3000 people!

We believe in engaging those around us and want to build community in everything we do.

As we see the changes we know the future holds a strong community and opportunities for all.

What we do

Tyler station is growing and changing. We are always trying new things and collaborate with our tenants to ensure the healthiest environment we can.
We have tenant Yoga at 1 and you will regularly see a parade of yoga mats.

Our diverse population will bring a wealth of points of view not available anywhere else.

We provide mixer opportunities to help everyone integrate into the community. You can expect friendship and support for all of the people here.

Tenants with additional offers can be found here: